Locations Coverage and Services

At IDL Comms, our comprehensive range of communication solutions extends across the UK and Europe, empowering businesses and organizations with reliable, efficient, and scalable communication infrastructure. With a diverse array of services tailored to each location, we are your partners in connectivity no matter where you operate.

United Kingdom

In the UK, our services encompass data cabling installations, structured cabling solutions, and comprehensive security systems.

From London to Kent and Surrey, we ensure that your communication infrastructure is optimized for efficiency and performance, allowing you to focus on your core operations.


Across Europe, IDL Comms Limited delivers the same level of excellence in communication solutions.

Our presence extends to multiple countries, enabling us to provide our specialized services to a diverse range of businesses.

From data centres to industrial complexes, our expertise spans borders, ensuring that your communication infrastructure is seamless and reliable.

Service Offerings

In the UK and Europe, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each location:

  • Data Cabling

  • Our expertise in data cabling ensures that your information flows seamlessly, supporting your operations without interruption.
  • Fibre Optic Solutions

  • High-speed data transmission is essential, and our fibre optic solutions provide the speed and reliability you require.
  • Security Systems

  • We offer comprehensive security systems including CCTV, Access Control, and more, safeguarding your premises and assets.
  • Wireless Connectivity

  • Whether indoors or outdoors, our wireless solutions guarantee connectivity wherever you need it.

IDL Comms is your partner for comprehensive communication solutions across the UK and Europe

With a commitment to excellence, our services are designed to empower your business with efficient, reliable, and future-proof communication infrastructure.