Wi-Fi Surveys

What is a Wi-Fi survey, and why is it necessary?

A Wi-Fi survey is a thorough assessment of your physical space to determine optimal access point placement and coverage. It’s necessary to ensure that your network provides seamless connectivity without dead zones or interference.

How is a Wi-Fi survey conducted?

A Wi-Fi survey involves specialized equipment that measures signal strength, interference, and coverage areas. Technicians perform on-site assessments, analyze the data, and use it to design a network that meets your specific requirements.

Is a Wi-Fi survey needed for small environments?

Yes, a Wi-Fi survey is beneficial even for small environments. It helps avoid potential signal issues and ensures that your network is efficiently covering the desired area.

How often should I conduct a Wi-Fi survey for my network?

Conducting a Wi-Fi survey initially during network setup is crucial. Additionally, it’s recommended to perform surveys periodically or when there are changes in the environment, such as office layout alterations or the addition of new equipment.